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This is the Franchise you will probably get more satisfactions from. You will not simply buy a franchise to operate yourself. You will get a business running, with real customers, real sales and real margins! And you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ROYALTIES for that! YES we are not kidding you!

When you buy a franchise from Pilandros, you get a running business with at least 14 months of operations record!

Because you are not only buying a turn-key business system, you are buying a business making money. Because otherwise why would you need to spend your money in a franchise for?

We offer you succesful locations; so we DO NOT SELL any single location that is not giving markups. As simple as that!




  • Please see our 4 minutes autoplay presentation here
  • Interested? fill out this form to request a Basic Pilandros Franchise Package. 


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Interested? whats next
  1. See the 4 minutes auto-play presentation we have prepared for you. In this presentation you will get a better idea of what a Pilandros Location might look like.
  2. Fill up the request form here. Be honest in answering each question, so we can help each other to get close to a better right-fit business deal.
  3. Wait for our response. We have a team of professionals that will study your request. They will decide if we can proceed and which way we can offer you a business solution.
  4. Then we will send you a message requesting you to sign and return a confidentiality agreement. You will get as much information as you need.
  5. After you return the confidentiallity agreement signed, you will get a Franchisee package where there is a lot more information about the Pilandros Business Model. At this point you will decide which of the models we can offer you is the right match for to fulfill your expectations. You will get also a website link where you can fill up a Quiz to help us decide if the model you chosen is the right model for you.
  6. Then after that you will get a quotation and details on how we can help you start up your business adventure.

If at any time you need to contact us for anything else, feel free to send us a message via our contact form in this website.

        Interesado(a)? y ahora...

  1. Vea la presentacion de 4 minutos que hemos preparado para usted. En ella usted podra formarse una mejor idea de como es una Ubicacion Pilandros.
  2. Llene la forma de requerimiento (request form)aqui. Sea honesto(a) al responderla para que nos ayudemos a alcanzar el mejor modelo de negocio posible.
  3. Espere nuestra respuesta. Tenemos un equipo de profesionales que estudiaran su requerimiento. Ellos decidiran si procede y cual es la forma en la que podemos ofrecerle una propuesta de negocio.
  4. Luego le enviaremos un mensaje requiriendo que usted firme y devuelva un contrato de confidencialidad. Usted recibira tanta informacion como requiera.
  5. Luego de que nos envie el contrato de confidencialidad firmado, usted recibira el paquete de franquiciado donde encontrara mucha mas informacion acerca del Modelo de Negocios Pilandros. En este punto usted debera decidir cual de los modelos que le ofrecemos puede ser el que mas coincida con sus expectativas de negocio. Usted obtendra tambien un link a un website donde podra llenar un Cuestionario para ayudarnos a decidir si el modelo que usted elija es el correcto.
  6. Luego de esto, usted recibira una cotizacion y detalles de como podemos ayudarle a iniciar su aventura de negocios.

Si en cualquier momento necesita contactarnos por cualquier cosa, sientase libre de enviarnos un mensaje via nuestra  forma de contacto  en este website.

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